Five Frequently Asked Questions about Tree Removal in Orlando

Five Frequently Asked Questions about Tree Removal in Orlando

Five Frequently Asked Questions about Tree Removal in Orlando

Do you need to have your trees removed and stumps grinded?  Are you concerned that your trees are dying or decaying but you aren’t sure?  When it comes to tree care, many homeowners need some extra guidance and help.  Our experts in tree removal in Orlando are here to guide you through the process so you make the best choices to keep your trees healthy and attractive throughout their lifespan.  These are a few FAQs that can help you better understand tree removal and trimming.

When is the best time to cut down my trees?

When you worry that your tree is unstable and will fall, you will want to have your tree removed right away.  This means that your tree poses a danger to your home, property, and loved ones.  If your tree removal is not an emergency, it is advised to wait for all the leaves to fall from your tree.  This removes the risk from the removal process, as leafless branches are lighter.

How long does tree removal take?

Most tree removals take place in one morning, but it depends on the size of the tree.  Typically, all trees can be removed within one day.

Do I need to be home?

Many homeowners will want to have their trees removed during business hours, but this may mean they will not be home during the process.  However, lucky for busy homeowners, you may not need to be home during the tree removal process.  This is especially true if your professionals have already come out to your home to assess and evaluate the process they will take to remove the tree with you beforehand.

Do you also remove the stump after you cut down the tree?

Once the tree is removed from your yard, you may also be concerned about the tree stump that is left behind.  To fully remove the tree, you will need to have stump grinding in Orlando to create a smooth surface for replanting.  Our professionals can also take care of this job during the same time as the removal.

How do I know if my tree needs to be removed?

When you start to notice decaying or diseased trees, you may want to consider the removal.  Also, you may want to remove trees that are growing too close to your roof, as these trees may fall on your roof during storms or inclement weather.  Take notice of issues like decay, mold, fungus, dead branches, leaning tree trunks, and no bark on the trunk.  These are just a few of the issues that may indicate it is time to have the trees removed from your property.

These are a few frequently asked questions that can help you make the best choices for your tree removal in Orlando.  When you need help with tree removal or tree care, you should trust the experts.  Contact Drinkwater and Drinkwater to get a free quote for your tree care today.

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