Five Issues that You May Encounter When Clearing Your Land

Five Issues that You May Encounter When Clearing Your Land

Five Issues that You May Encounter When Clearing Your Land

Are you looking to have your land cleared so that you can build more structures or develop homes?  Whether you the owner of your land or you are the site developer for a future community, you will want to trust our staff when it comes to land clearing in Oveido.  These are a few of the many issues that you can encounter when you are clearing land.

Utility Issues

Even if they are not visible, your land may have utility lines dug into the ground that may be dug up when you start to excavate your land.  Because power cables and sewer lines may be difficult to detect, you will need to do thorough research and land marking before you start to dig and clear your land to prevent any utilities.  It is also important to consult with the utility company to ask for any information about your plot of land to prevent cutting out the pipes for the entire neighborhood.

Tree Issues

Shrubs and small plants are easy to bulldoze over, but larger and taller trees may be more difficult to maneuver.  When you are dealing with larger trees, you need to prioritize your safety by being smart about how you tackle these issues.  Often, trees may fall in the wrong direction and cause extensive damage to nearby property or even injuries on the site.  Tree roots should also be inspected when you are clearing the property, as you may trigger trees to fall without knowing it.

Hazardous Waste Issues

Many people use vacant or abandoned land to throw away their garbage, dump their grass clippings, or dispose of other unwanted dangerous items.  When you are clearing your land, you may notice these materials laying in the pile of shrubs.  Remove them property to avoid any contamination or exposure to the hazardous materials.

Water Issues

Underground water sources such as natural basins may be difficult to spot until it is too late.  When heavy equipment rolls overt these surfaces, you will instantly notice the soft ground underneath, indicating a water issue.  These water sources can deem the entire property unbuildable or expensive to reroute the water to make it buildable.  Be sure to ask about and inspect any land before you prepare to buy or clear it for alternative purposes.

Permit Issues

Before you even being clearing your land, you need to have permits from the township or municipality.  Sometimes, it may be difficult to acquire these permits if you do not have all the information they need to get started.  To avoid any issues or delays in the process, work with the municipality to ensure that they have everything they need to issue your permit.  You will not be able to officially break ground until these permits are issued, and if you do, it will be punishable by law.

These are some of the issues that you may run into when you are clearing your land.  Because land clear in Oveido can require technology and equipment that many homeowners and property managers do not have, you should trust the professionals to take care of these jobs.  Contact Drinkwater and Drinkwater to hear about our services today.

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