5 Land Clearing FAQs

5 Land Clearing FAQs

5 Land Clearing FAQs

Stones, stumps, trees, and other obstacles and vegetation must be cleared from land tracts before agricultural work or construction can begin. However, many first-time landowners do not understand land clearing in Oviedo and whether they need it. Here are some frequently asked questions about land clearing services:

What is the land clearing process?

Excavation and tree service professionals will ensure the proper permits for your location before the work can start. Then, once the legalities are in proper order, contractors mark trees and other landscaping elements that will remain on the land clearly, so they stay protected. Old structures like sheds or abandoned buildings are typically removed first. Then, standing debris like trees and other vegetation, large boulders, and trash is removed from the property. Next, stump grinding and stump removal are followed by filling in holes to grade the land properly.

When is the best time to clear land?

Fall and early winter are the best time for clearing land because cooler temperatures keep the soil more solid for ease of clearing. In addition, there is usually less precipitation and water runoff, making the soil more stable for the clearing process. Clearing land during cooler months also allows you plenty of time to ready the ground for the growing season and other spring projects.

How do you know if you need to clear your land?

Land clearing is in order if you plan to build on the property to provide a level area without stumps, brush, and other vegetation. However, land clearing services can also make unusable areas of your property functional for various uses. For example, if you plan to use the land for farming, shrubs, trees, stones, rocks, and other obstacles must be removed to prepare the ground for planting. So ultimately, if there are objects in the way of plans for land use, land clearing is required.

Do I need to hire a land clearing professional?

Though you can try to clear the land independently, it is typically best to hire an excavation and tree removal professional for efficient and effective land clearing services. Land clearing can be dangerous for someone without experience and knowledge of best practices for safely cutting and clearing trees and other vegetation from a tract of land. In addition, there are specialized machines and tools required for most land clearing projects that experts are qualified to use. Therefore, land clearing professionals have the experience and expertise to handle the task more safely, effectively, and efficiently than someone outside the industry.

Does land clearing harm the environment?

Land clearing can harm the environment when not handled properly with sustainability and safety in mind. But the process is highly beneficial when it is dealt with responsibly. The key to protecting the environment when you need land clearing services is to contact an industry professional well versed in the local environment and industry best practices for environmental protection.

These are a few FAQs we hear regarding land clearing in Oviedo. Call us today for a free estimate if you need land clearing services. We have the industry expertise and experience to clear your land sustainably, safely, and effectively.

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