5 Land Clearing Mistakes You Should Avoid

5 Land Clearing Mistakes You Should Avoid

5 Land Clearing Mistakes You Should Avoid

You've discovered the perfect lot for your fantasy home, but it's obscured in trees, heavy brush, and prickly vines. The next phase is to have the lot cleared to begin building, but like every additional step, you need to prepare carefully for clearing before it commences. Here are some oversights to dodge when you desire land clearing in Oviedo.

Trying to DIY the Lot Clearing

Alleviating some brush may be feasible for a rugged DIYer, but any DIY clearing is decidedly a blunder if you own a wooded lot. Not only are the trees you must alleviate hazardous when they begin coming down, but the gear (such as chainsaws) can be unsafe if you're not highly skilled and adept.

Neglecting In-Person Estimates

You're presumably getting appraisals from several contractors to approximate pricing. But for lot clearing, you invariably need to get your quotations in person (with a contractor examining your lot). So please don't count on over-the-phone quotes for accurateness because the contractor won't comprehend the actual cost until they witness how thick the trees are, how sloped the lot is, etc.

Forgetting about Brush Removal

If you'd prefer to preserve the trees on a portion of the lot, it may entice you to leave that space unattended. However, if the location is heavily blanketed in scrub, alleviating some brush from under the trees may cause the site to be much more functional. So don't fail to incorporate that in the job explanation when you request a quote.

Getting Rid of Useful or Valuable Trees

Anytime you plan to empty a wilderness site, you need to consider how your lot will ideally appear once the construction concludes. For example, would you prefer to maintain a few trees to shadow the west side of the home? A representative tree in the front lawn? Review those places for trees that may be presently in position, then be certain not to remove them.

In addition to scanning for trees that may be useful later, you also ought to check for trees that could be valuable. Unfortunately, locating trees on your lot that you can peddle for cash isn't consistently as straightforward as you'd expect, but it can be accomplished if you're fortunate.

Check your lot for valuable trees (like hardwood trees) that are unrestricted, enormous, and in excellent condition. If you own these and happen to be near a sawmill, you may be fortunate enough that you can earn some capital from your trees. A tree that's big enough and in a suitable  state to market will be:

  • Free of limbs and knots for a long way up
  • At the most petite, 8 inches across, but preferably more (at chest height, not base level)
  • Free of any manifestation of insects, decay, disorder, or other deterioration

Removing Too Few Trees

You may desire to minimize the quantity of clearing you do, whether that's for sustainability reasons or just because you've forever desired to live in the wild. But don't overlook that the building operation will demand some open space between the construction lot and the trees.

For instance, if you intend to build a modular house, you'll require enough liberation in every route for crane operation. So, if possible, have a crane specialist from a modular house business view your lot and advise you which trees will have to be removed.

These missteps could generate troubles further down the line in your building process, so be certain to evade them with meticulous planning. Contact us today for more information on land clearing in Oviedo.

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