Should I Clear My Land This Winter?

Should I Clear My Land This Winter?

Should I Clear My Land This Winter?

When you clear your land, you make way for beautiful landscapes, clear obstructed views, and create a space for future construction. As contractors that perform land clearing in Oviedo, we are here to help you with any of your land clearing and development needs. These are just a few benefits that land clearing offers.

Control Pests

Pest control is one major advantage of land clearing. So, if you have a pest infestation problem on your hands, there is no need to think twice! Most pests prefer to congregate in heavily vegetated areas, especially during wetter times of the year. Mosquitoes and other pests thrive in water and find refuge in the foliage of trees and plants. Land clearing is an effective method for eradicating and controlling these nuisance species.

Removes Safety Hazards

Not only does land clearing create a beautiful and clear space, but it can also be beneficial in creating a safe space. For example, if you have tree stumps sticking out the ground or you have large, decaying trees on your property, you have safety hazards. Branches can fall or people can trip over stumps. Removing these issues from your property will keep everyone safe as they are walking around the grounds.


Land clearing also helps maintain a consistent environment for the various species in a given field. Over time, flora like bushes and weeds will overrun abandoned lots. As a result, there would be fierce competition for food, limiting their access to vital nutrients and stunting their development.

Healthier Soil

By removing dead trees and trimming back overgrown vegetation, you'll ensure that everything that needs to grow has access to sufficient amounts of these essentials. Land clearing also makes it possible to harvest the soil for its beneficial components. This is a mandatory procedure if the land is to be used for farming. Soil fertility is increased, and weeds are suppressed by using mulch.

Boost Curb Appeal 

To improve the aesthetic value of your property, consider hiring a land-clearing service to remove any dead or dying trees or bushes. Clearing your land removes any obstructed or ugly views, and it also creates a functional space that looks great. When you want to make an update to your curb appeal, clearing land is one of the first things you should consider.

Increase Property Value

While land clearing creates a beautiful appearance, it also adds to the value of your property. If you want to make your property more alluring to sellers or you just want to invest more money into your land, you want to do it where it counts. Land clearing can have tremendous financial benefits when it comes time to resell.

If you are ready to take care of clearing your land, you want to trust the experts to take care of this job for you. Our contractors offer land clearing in Oviedo that will leave your property looking great and staying safe the entire time. Contact Drinkwater and Drinkwater to hear more about our services today!

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