Three Expert Tips for Clearing Land

Three Expert Tips for Clearing Land

Three Expert Tips for Clearing Land

Land clearing is the initial step for vacating a tract of land with land clearing in Oviedo. Land clearing can be demanding when clearing the ground for a property, hunting trail, shed, home, or business. But, whether you have stones, ruts, brambles, trees, or more on your grounds, we can clear them off and make them usable in no time. Our professionals offer the following recommendations for clearing your land:

Hire professional help

The essential thing to understand about land clearing is that it is not the job for everybody. The labor required to clear land adequately is enormous, even for a small lot. While experts strongly recommend leaving land clearing services to the professionals, you need the right equipment if you insist on doing it yourself. For most land clearing jobs, you will need hand tools like crowbars, pickaxes, shovels, a good chainsaw, and a skid steer loader or bulldozer.

Depending on the type of rocks, trees, or brush you need to remove, you could require several weeks of hard labor with a mid-sized excavator or a couple of hours with a chainsaw.

Mid-sized excavator

Stumps cannot remain in the ground if you are clearing the land for most uses. Removing the stumps by hand is not an option, and clearing the land quickly is a top priority, so you cannot use burning or rotting methods. Instead, an excavator will get the job done. Call a professional if you do not have experience operating heavy machinery.


You will need to have a chainsaw with a sharp chain to take trees down and cut them into more manageable logs for removal from the land you are clearing. Cutting down a tree can be highly dangerous, so make sure you have the training to do it safely. If you are unsure, call your local tree removal company for assistance.

Don't just timber your trees. Use them

Be sure to inspect any trees on your land for value before cutting them down. Many companies will pay good money to take rare hardwoods off your hands. If you have trees like Black Walnut, Ash, or Eastern Red Cedar, of a merchantable height on your lot, you should consider selling the logs to a timbering company for profit. A variety of factors determine the price you will get for the logs.

There are also several options for non-valuable wood. Some companies will purchase it for grinding into wood chips for fuel or mulch. Others will buy it to fuel their wood-burning plant. Or, you could just use it yourself for firewood. Keep in mind that if a company buys them from you, they will leave the leftover branches for you to deal with on your own.

Do not forget permits

It is critical for land clearing to be done responsibly and safely because it is disruptive to the environment. Make sure you have all of the proper permits to ensure you do not end up in court for clearing land illegally.

Use these expert tips for clearing your land. And call us when you need land clearing in Oviedo. We are here for you!

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