Three Standard Land Clearing Methods

Three Standard Land Clearing Methods

Three Standard Land Clearing Methods

If you require land clearing services, it is vital to understand the approaches professionals can employ to clear land. Land clearing in Oviedo can be accomplished in various modes, including burning foliage, bulldozing, and using chainsaws, excavators, and mulchers. Each manner of land clearing has its distinct advantages, and each creates a unique set of challenges. However, the most favored techniques for clearing land are burning, grubbing and dozing, and mulching. Our specialists offer these descriptions to aid you in understanding these popular modes of land clearing.


Using mulching equipment to clear lots of land can be an excellent alternative to burning or grubbing, whether accomplished with a drum or a disc mulcher. Mulching permits you to selectively cut and process foliage the most efficiently. Mulching allows setting organic matter back onto the ground while clearing underbrush and trees. Mulching also stimulates the growth of uncultivated greenery. It helps control the expansion of invasive species by delivering a natural barrier once it is arranged back where vegetation has been cleared. Mulching also dramatically reduces the need to fix the land after the land clearing operation is finished.


Controlled burns give workers the power to clear land very fast. Though burning is a highly productive process for clearing land, it does come with some critical deliberations. Working with fire indicates there is invariably a chance of getting out of control and inducing damages to property or the environment. Burning also removes the capacity to eradicate vegetation or trees selectively. In addition, the mere temperature of fire forces the ground to heat up to the point of sterilizing the earth, making it very hard to produce plants and other vegetation for extended periods. Finally, because burning eradicates all ground cover, it can increase erosion potential.

Grubbing and dozing

Grubbing and dozing permit workers to clear immense expanses of land very fast. The effects of moving so fast can mean that the enormous holes left behind form a messy and rough-looking finished product. So, while this may be fine in some applications, others, like employing the land for housing or grazing animals, will probably mean a demand for using dirt to fill in any gaps that were left behind. With a dual-pass required to ensure an excellent finished product, employees quickly negate the speed they use to clear the land initially. As a result, you will probably have a giant pile of material left behind that must be burned or carried away after finishing the land clearing operation. Doing away with these materials can be expensive and time-consuming.

No matter the method you use for clearing your land, it's essential to remember that you will have to preserve the cleared land in the future. No land clearing alternative is a final answer to maintaining your land. Timely and constant care is crucial to keeping away invasive species that can be problematic to terminate once they have dominion.

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