Tools and Equipment Used for Clearing Land

Tools and Equipment Used for Clearing Land

Tools and Equipment Used for Clearing Land

Various types of equipment are used in land excavation for site development. It's crucial to excavate the soil for construction purposes, and it is mostly done by hand equipment and machinery-based tools on the site of land or complex excavation processes.  Land excavation removes the soil from all organic impurities like leaves, trees, roots, strums, or others that can damage the foundation.

The recent era of technology has impacted each area of life, like the land construction domain. So, nowadays, there are two types of equipment used to clear land and prepare for site development: hand tools and heavy machinery. Let’s take a closer look at the types of equipment you will need to clear your land.

Hand tools used for land clearing in Oviedo include:


A shovel is a kind of equipment used for lifting excavated soil. The curvature of the flat metal plate of the Shovel is normally higher, so we can lift the soil easily. Furthermore, it is also used for digging if the soil or sand is a bit soft.


The spade contains a flat metal plate with sharp edges. That plate is connected to a long handle typically made of wood material. Since the spade has sharp edges, the soil can dig. The curvature of the metal plate of the spade is a little lower when contrasted with the Shovel, so we cannot lift the ground with it.


Another crucial land excavated equipment is a hand-sized Trowel, used to dig the little trenches in land or eliminate the shallow strums and roots on soils.


The Hoe comprises a metal plate attached to a long handle with an acute angle. Its plat with sharp edges is used to excavate the soil. For small-scale construction, Hoe is mostly preferred tool to deploy for excavation as can replace its metal can be replaced with a fork-kind plate according to the requirement.


The pickaxe has a hard spike connected to the perpendicular handle. This equipment is mainly used for excavating small trenches in the land.

It can also cut the land if the soil is hard. The sharp metal spike was directed on one side while keeping the broad blade on the other. Further, many other hand equipment such as Mattock and Rake are used in site development and land excavation.

Machinery equipment used in site development and land excavation includes:

Tracked Excavator

Tracked excavators contain a long arm and cabinet. The long component further consists of two parts; the Boom and Dipper-stick. At the same time, the digging cabinet is connected to the dipper. That complete setup can rotate at an angle of 360 degrees. Such vehicle is moved with traction to use in forestry, mines, and other industries.

Many other excavators, like wheeled excavators, backhoe excavators, bulldozers, dragline excavators, and different types of trenches, are used in site development and land excavation.

In short, if you want efficient equipment for your site development purposes, machinery equipment will be more effective. When you need to use machinery for your land clearing in Oviedo, you should trust the pros to do the job. Contact Drinkwater and Drinkwater to hear about our experience and projects today.

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