Your Brief Guide To Land Clearing

Your Brief Guide To Land Clearing

Your Brief Guide To Land Clearing

One of the initial steps to a construction project is land clearing. Whether getting rid of old, undesirable landscaping from a prior building or clearing overgrowth on a new site, you need a fresh slate for your project.

Land-clearing services are required on almost every construction site. But what does the procedure entail, and how much can you anticipate paying for commercial land-clearing in Oviedo? In this post, we'll share the ins and outs of clearing land, so you understand what to expect and look for in a land-clearing service.

Your land-clearing service contractor use specialized equipment and skilled operators to clear any obstructions on and under ground level. Then, they'll cut down trees and greenery and take care of the waste. The remaining stumps and roots are cleared or left to decompose in a way that restricts future growth and promotes soil stability.


If you're prepared to transform your parcel of land into a construction-ready site, there are a few distinct steps you'll need to take.

  • Perform a Site Walk-Through: To get a precise estimate for land-clearing services, you'll need contractors to examine the site. They'll note important details like the variety and density of vegetation and any other visible obstacles that need to be cleared.
  • Choose a Contractor: When choosing a team, look for contractors with access to the tools and skills needed. They should also know local soil erosion rules to guarantee guidelines and laws are followed.
  • Verify Zoning & Permitting: Before work starts, you'll need to confirm the site is zoned for your intended use and that all permits are in place. Your contractor can help you navigate this procedure.
  • Land Clearing Starts: Once everything is in position, your contractor can begin clearing the location. The course of this will vary based on the time of year, density of vegetation, size of the site, and size of their crew.
  • Land Development Persists: Land clearing is the first step in the site work process. Once it's finished, site work will continue with the required excavating, grading, drainage work, paving, and more. In most circumstances, it'll be easier to work with a full-service excavating contractor that will handle all your site work from the beginning of the project to the end. Sometimes, they may contract with other organizations to take care of certain tasks. But they'll take that on, leaving you less to deal with.


Depending on your specific site's needs, additional development is required after or during the land-clearing operation. This can include grading, stone removal services, and soil remediation.

Grading alters the contours of your site's height to meet aesthetic and regulatory needs. If required, rock removal will eliminate any large below-grade rocks that restrict construction, and soil remediation will substitute polluted earth with safe soil.

Other site work services persist well into the construction project and include utility installations, stormwater control, roads and parking lot installs, and landscaping.

It's essential to work with an experienced excavating contractor that delivers the site work services your project requires. We have a background in a wide variety of site work services. In addition, we're team players and love to get involved early in the process to support you and your team in planning the project in the most efficient way possible. Contact us today for land clearing in Oviedo.

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